Whangarei District Council

My boss told me I was a w….r. I was so surprised I almost let go of his c..k.

Do you find that inappropriate? ?Then you’ll probably be on Whangarei District Council’s side in this dispute.

The district council has threatened to prosecute Wicked Campers if its campervans with offensive or objectionable material on them are found in the district.

The move comes after a member of the public contacted Whangarei MP Dr Shane Reti after seeing a Wicked Campervan at Waipu Cove on January 16 with language Reti describes as “disgusting”.

The van read: “My boss told me I was a w….r. I was so surprised I almost let go of his c..k”.

“Why should you have to explain that to a child?” Reti says.

Reti contacted Personalised Plates to see if they would accept the signage.

They confirmed to Reti that “w….r” and “c..k” would not be able to appear on plates.

He also checked with the Commercial Approvals Bureau and the Broadcasting Standards Authority, and again found neither of those words would be accepted by them.

Reti filed complaints with the Whangarei District Council and local New Zealand Tourist Industry representative Jeroen Jongejans.

He says both agreed, with Jongejans forwarding the complaint onto the Tourism Industry Association and Tourism New Zealand.

There’s guerrilla marketing, and then there’s pushing it too far.?? Read more »

Take a hike Banderton

Anderton slams ACT cut-price party pill sales – 20 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Banderton has tried to take ACt on Campus to task for selling party pills for a buck if people joined the party. Now considering that at the time of O-Week the pills were legal, no law had even been passed and even f they did it today they still wouldn’t be breaking the law.

Rodders backed his young apprentices;

ACT leader Rodney Hide said he was personally against drug taking, but it was not up to him to tell other adults what they should do with their lives.

“Young people are young people and people at universities tend to go to extremes, but you can’t smack their bums any more, that’s illegal too,” he told Radio New Zealand.

Banderton also took a swipe at Rodders;

Mr Anderton said he would love to debate the issue with Mr Hide in ACT’s lifeline seat of Epsom.

“I bet you there will be a few concerned parents in Epsom who are not appreciating ACT selling their kids at Auckland University harmful drugs at a cheap rate.”

I can’t quite work out if Jim is mad because they sold them cheaply or because they are supposedly harmful.

Jim Banderton though, should shut his trap when it comes to talking about parenting lest someone point out his less than stellar performance with his own kids.

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Oh FFS are we going to ban iPod's next

MP3 players ‘destroying’ your hearing – 20 Mar 2008 – Politics: New Zealand Political News, Analysis and Comment including 2008 election coverage – NZ Herald

Once you get politicians on the banning bandwagon they just can’t stop their meddling ways. There is now a proposal to put warning labels on mp3 players because they “may” damage your hearing, the proposal also wants to limit the maximum volume they can reach.

This time it isn’t the silly Greens wanting in on the banning action, but Winston Peters.

“I think, more importantly, we should be looking at putting health warnings on these things, just the same as you do on cigarette packets,” he said.

“People think you’re a killjoy because you raise it – but get to the point when you can’t use the phone, get to the point where you can’t hear the microwave, where you can’t hear the stove buzzer … “

Fuck off Winston, ever hear of personal responsibility?

Who cares if you can’t hear the microwave or the stove buzzer? and how the fuck would you know what they sound like anyway? Dickhead!

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2015, more like 2008!!

News cartoons – NZ Herald

Told ya!

New range of legal party pills on the horizon – 15 Mar 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

From the “Told ya so” files comes this report of new party pills coming on the market to fill the void left by kneejerk legislation to ban BZP.

A Christchurch company said it had designed and manufactured a range of “new and exciting” pills that did not contain BZP.

“Our new range is 100 per cent satisfaction guaranteed and surprisingly in many instances a much stronger formula than BZP based products,” the company’s website said.

Those pills were expected to be available for distribution soon.

Sales of the remaining BZP-based pills are expected to be frantic as retailers get rid of the stock and users stock up.

Jim Anderton should just give up, though the old commie seems to have the same stuff in his veins as old Leonid Brezhnev did staying on long after he was dead and past his use by date.

Yo ain't stoppin' us Clark, yo MoFo

'We'll be back tonight' say taggers – New Zealand news on Stuff.co.nz

If Clark thinks stopping taggers by banning spray cans will stop them then she is dreamin'.

They will be back in a heartbeat, with spray cans their bro's bought or marker pens or anything else they can their hands on.

They won't be stopped by silly bans. I mean if bans were successful we wouldn't have any smokers would we?

WTF would he know

Crab pots luring sharks, says Key – 16 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

John Key disappoints me again. This time calling for the limiting of commercial crab pots so he can enjoy a swim without sharks.

Newsflash John!!! Sharks swim in the sea, it’s where they live, how about you swim elsewhere.

Greg Muir of Pumpkin Patch also chimes in;
[quote]”Sometimes there are 30 or 40 pots out,” he said.

“It seems very strange someone is allowed to put bait in pots in those kind of volumes with swimmers so close.

“I fully understand the guy has got to earn a living and has invested in his boat and his pots, but he could make his living in less popular swimming places and at other times.”[/quote]

I bet the crab fisherman has been fishing there since Omaha was a desolate windswept beach with nothing but sand dunes and a few old style baches.

A quick check of Wikipedia shows that Tiger Sharks don’t actually eat crabs, they eat larger sea animals such as common fish, squid, birds, seals, other sharks, and sea turtles. So by eating other sharks they may actually be doing us a favour. That is probably why they come in, because they enjoy eating the sharks that don’t bite people but like to eat crabs.

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Ban Imbeciles – HOS

Editorial: We need a ban on imbeciles, not on the fireworks they use – 11 Nov 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Finally some sanity over Clark’s proposal to ban fun at Guy Fawkes. the Herald on Sunday reckons we should ban imbeciles not fireworks.

[quote]Whenever a politician – or anyone else – utters the word “ban”, it’s a sure sign that an overreaction is in progress. That is certainly true of the suggestions aired during the annual fireworks season. Prime Minister Helen Clark said last weekend that fireworks sales could be banned if “people were going to carry on being absolutely ridiculous”. Her remarks were reported after a series of incidents, some of which disrupted her own domestic repose; she said that her leafy Mt Eden neighbourhood was like “downtown Kandahar”.

The gratuitous tastelessness of that particular comparison was regrettable, but the PM was issuing a challenge. And it’s worth noting that, even if only incidentally, the country called her bluff. Acting national fire commander Paul McGill said this year’s was the quietest Guy Fawkes night since records began in 1996. The number of callouts was down 40 per cent on last year, which was itself down 40 per cent on 2005.

Those figures need to be seen in context. Guy Fawkes fell on a Monday this year and on the weekends in the previous two years, so it is likely that a higher proportion of this year’s backyard pyrotechnics took place before November 5. But the numbers are down dramatically and Guy Fawkes celebrations this year passed almost entirely without incident.

That may seem a hard assessment to swallow for those injured. But it is important to maintain a sense of perspective. Between 15 and 20 tonnes of fireworks will have gone up in smoke this season and only a very small handful of incidents took place. The most chilling of those involved a small child who was being kept at a very safe distance when a malfunctioning firework flew into her pram and it is understandable that her mother is keen on a ban. But reacting to individual events is always a bad way of formulating public policy.

Of course the safer use of fireworks, evidenced by those Fire Service figures, are not a response to the PM’s admonitions. People, to use Clark’s vague term, read the papers, assess the danger and act carefully.

And there’s the nub of the issue. Clark’s “people” may indeed carry on being absolutely ridiculous; but most “people” don’t. We don’t need to ban fireworks; we need to ban imbeciles. And, every day, the conduct of human affairs proves the vanity of that aspiration, desirable though it is.

We live in an age of anxiety, in particular about our children. Parents are afraid to let their children walk to school even though the statistical chance of their being abducted is incalculably small, and playgrounds are stripped of equipment from which children may fall. In the process, we create a climate of risk-aversiveness that does more harm than good. “People”, including and especially children, learn safety by doing dangerous things. They learn responsibility by having to choose not to be irresponsible.

A ban on private use of fireworks would be silly, and not just because accidents, as we saw at Alexandra Park, Auckland, can happen at public displays. Seizing on the objects that stupid people use stupidly makes no more sense than banning cars, knives, glass containers and matches – all of which are implicated in mayhem. The Clark administration, which has a busybody reputation, does not want “Let’s stamp out fun” as a campaign slogan. Better to be grateful that so many of us are sensible people.[/quote]

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TV Networks to ignore Satire rules

At last some media with balls.

Four channels have given MP’s the fingers over their censorship rules regarding satire.

TVNZ said;

[quote]”The banning of the use of images from the debating chamber for satire is a precious over-reaction by MPs and unnecessarily puts limits on New Zealanders’ understanding of politics. The public has a right to see how their elected representatives behave and perform in Parliament — warts and all.”[/quote]

TV3 news director Mark Jennings said;

[quote]”New Zealanders should have this approach to politics available to them. This is such a serious issue about New Zealanders’ democratic rights that our competing organisations are prepared to back each other up if one is penalised for ignoring this part of the new rules.”[/quote]

This blogger will continue to satirise, denigrate and ridicule stupid politicians.

Related Link: TV networks will ignore MPs’ satire rule – 06 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

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Party pills banned

Party pills bannedParty pills are to be banned, Associate Health Minister Jim Anderton has announced. BZP and related party pills, also known as herbal highs, will be classified as a Class C1 drug. This will stop the legal manufacture and sale… [NZ Politics]

Looks like the fun police have struck again…..once again a silly law to protect fools from themselves. This will of course fail.

Given the reasons for doing this supposedly are to save lives, one wonders when they are going to ban cigarettes and motor vehicles.

Jim Anderton clearly is cloud cuckoo land if he thinks that making BZP illegal will not create a black market or lead to increased use of other drugs such as methamphetamine.