D?j? vu: NZ Journalist, criminal hack, wikileaks and Kim Dotcom

Here we go again. Is this the new normal for politics? I guess it is. This time round instead of hacking Whaleoil, Rawshark 2.0 has gone directly after the National Government. No doubt emboldened by the fact that Rawshark has never been brought to justice they have allegedly stolen 2 terabytes of information. The only difference this time round is that the journalist (who once again is linked to Kim Dotcom) is not writing a book with the stolen information but is allegedly running away to Russia to claim asylum while the stolen information apparently is destined for Wikileaks.

Is this a Martyn Bradbury drug induced?fantasy? Is the journalist in question really that afraid or even a journalist? Suzie Dawson? Never heard of her. Our sources say she was a member of Occupy and a prolific tweeter during Dirty Politics. Even Martyn Bradbury calls her a blogger rather than a journalist. At one stage she took up a friendship with fraudster Ben Rachinger who December last year pleaded guilty to obtaining by deception and who is now awaiting sentencing. Ben Rachinger you may remember is the young man who approached Whaleoil offering to help us catch Rawshark after we were hacked.We were so taken in by him that we asked him to assist the New Zealand Police with their enquiries.

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I think Google needs to change their motto

Google’s motto used to be “Don’t be evil“.

Except it turns out that are, well their CEO is, and politically motivated.

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google?s parent company Alphabet, wanted to be ?head outside advisor? to the Hillary Clinton campaign, according to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta in an email released by WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks has continued to reveal Schmidt?s cozy relationship with the Clinton campaign. In a previously leaked email, a memo showed that Schmidt was working directly with the Clinton campaign on setting up various backend features to their website.

In an April 2014 email from Podesta to Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook discussing the launch of Hillary?s campaign, Podesta describes how much Schmidt wants to work with the campaign.

?I met with Eric Schmidt tonight. As David reported, he?s ready to fund, advise recruit talent, etc. He was more deferential on structure than I expected. Wasn?t pushing to run through one of his existing firms. Clearly wants to be head outside advisor, but didn?t seem like he wanted to push others out,? Podesta wrote. He added, ?Clearly wants to get going. He?s still in DC tomorrow and would like to meet with you if you are in DC in the afternoon. I think it?s worth doing. You around? If you are, and want to meet with him, maybe the four of us can get on the phone iN the am.?

Cheryl Mills was copied on the email and let Podesta know that Mook wouldn?t be able to make the call that day because he was in Australia. Mook said that she was correct but would love to talk to Schmidt eventually. ? Read more »

Julian Assange reckons Hillary will be arrested with his next email dump


Julian Assange says that Hillary Clinton will be arrested as a result of his next email dump.

Truth Revolt reports:

It’s been a devastating Friday for the Hillary Clinton campaign. First, the FBI re-opened the investigation into her e-mail scandal and now, Julian Assange has promised that what?s in the next batch of e-mails to be published to Wikileaks will lead to her arrest.

Since the first week of October, there have been 21 batches released totaling 35,594 e-mails. According to a message on Twitter, there are more than 50,000 remaining.

In a broadcast for Russia Today, a London reporter said, ?Assange will be releasing more material in what he says will provide enough evidence to see Hillary Clinton arrested.? ? Read more »

And you thought House of Cards was fiction: FBI re-opens Clinton email investigation

You thought House of Cards was fiction didn’t you? Well, you were wrong, it is actually a documentary.

The FBI, under severe criticism for shelving Clinton’s email investigation earlier in the?year has announced they have re-opened the investigation 10 days out from the November 8 election.

Newly discovered emails found on a computer seized during an investigation of disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner have prompted the FBI to make new inquiries related to Hillary Clinton?s private email server, according to three people familiar with the deliberations.

FBI Director James B. Comey informed congressional leaders Friday that the agency would take ?appropriate investigative steps? to determine whether the newly discovered emails contain classified information and to assess their importance to the Clinton server probe.

The emails were found on a computer used jointly by both Weiner and his wife, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, according to a person with knowledge of the inquiry. Federal officials have been examining Weiner?s alleged sexually suggestive online messages with a teenage girl. The link to the Weiner probe was first reported by the New York Times.

Comey?s announcement appears to restart the FBI?s probe of Clinton?s server, which previously ended in July with no charges.

The announcement, coming less than two weeks before the presidential election, could reshape a campaign that Clinton, the Democratic nominee, has been leading in public polls. It was immediately hailed by Republican nominee Donald Trump, who, told supporters at a New Hampshire rally that, ?perhaps, finally, justice will be done.?

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Want to know why media won’t report the Wikileaks email releases?

Do you want to know why the media won’t report the Wikileaks email releases?

Because the media are actually Hillary Clinton’s bitches.

Truth Revolt reports:

Wikileaks, through its release of Clinton Campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails,?has provided a trove of information and irrefutable proof of just how deeply corrupt America’s power centers are.

From the Department of Justice to the FBI to the White House and State Department to the one institution meant to be the?watchdog of them all — the media — America’s most sacred?institutions have fallen from grace, proving to be nothing more than lackeys?beholden to the Clinton machine.

As Wikileaks releases tens of thousands of documents worthy of scrutiny, our media remain silent — and they do so because they are implicated in the worst aspects of the corruption.

In email #5636 to John Podesta from Mary Pat Bonner –?a powerful “donor adviser” of Clinton?–?and accompanying documents attached, we learned that the Hillary Clinton campaign has been working with no less than 372 news?makers to shape an anti-Trump narrative across all mainstream media.

Through the email?attachments, the pro-Hillary SuperPAC, Correct the Record (CTR)?”has identified 372 surrogates including influential and frequent pundits on broadcast and cable news for Presidential 2016 politics and provided them around 80 sets of talking points.” ? Read more »

Real Dirty Politics: Good on ya Hillary…don’t let ethics get in the way of winning

dirty politics

I’m coming for yer guns!

The revelations of shenanigans from the Clinton campaign and associated parties like the DNC are making Nicky Hager’s and the Media party’s wailing over dirty politics look like nothing more than a push and shove at the sandpit of the local kindy.

The latest is that the DNC planted anti-gun people in a?townhall?meeting to set up questions, essentially using dead people to prove a point.

As the fiasco that is the 2016 Presidential Election draws to an inevitable close, gun control is once again becoming a major topic, after being back-burnered for most of the three Presidential debates.

This story from the Washington Times points out that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been walking a fine line on guns as she tries to lure independents and even Republicans away from her opponent, Donald Trump. Clinton has repeatedly called for new gun safety measures, such as expanded background checks, while reassuring voters that law-abiding gun owners won?t be targeting under would-be administration?calls that were repeated during the final debate.

However, it has been made clear that a Clinton administration would mean potentially tougher gun laws on a federal level with a lasting impact on Second Amendment rights. As the story points out, if she becomes president, she will be able to reshape the Supreme Court by appointing justices who are hostile against the Second Amendment, who could then help reverse past decisions like District of Columbia vs. Heller. ? Read more »

Has Google broken their own motto?

Google’s motto is ‘Don’t be Evil‘.

But it appears that they might just be…evil.

Google?s autocomplete search results favor Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump when someone attempts to find out how they can vote for either candidate. Trump?s name is completely omitted from the autocomplete results.

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Splitting hacking hairs: Journalistic ethics 101

screenshot-Whaleoil screenshot-Whaleoil

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Just in case you missed it on the news, here is an updated list of the latest Clinton emails

The media never ignored my hacked emails…but amazingly they are ignoring everything to do with Hillary Clinton.

Truth Revolt has compiled a list?of what has been revealed:

DATE: As of Monday,?Wikileaks?released its tenth?batch of Podesta emails, which can be accessed here.?

**Newly added email topics will appear in bold-underscore,?at the top of the bullet-point list featured?below. This post will be updated regularly, so please check back. Readers are also welcome to send us emails or links for further investigation.?

Conservative and independent bloggers, social media users and Trump supporters are likely doing their best to sift through and disseminate the information contained in these emails and it is easy to lose track.?In order to simplify, we’ve compiled a brief roundup of the?more damning subjects?the?Podesta email chain seem to broach.

The following?list is not exhaustive and includes:

Let Assange rot in his embassy prison

Swedish prosecutors have requested permission to question Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorean embassy in London over rape allegations, and are waiting for a response, the Prosecution Authority said.

“It is not possible to estimate when we will receive an answer,” the prosecution authority said in a statement. It said the request was submitted recently, but did not specify when.

Questioning will be carried out by Chief District Prosecutor Ingrid Isgren and a police investigator.

Assange, 44, took refuge in Ecuador’s embassy in London in June 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over allegations, which he denies, that he committed rape in 2010.

Assange says he fears Sweden will extradite him to the United States, where he could be put on trial over WikiLeaks’ publication of classified military and diplomatic documents, one of the largest information leaks in US history.

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