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Is Matt McCarten the new Shakespeare?

No, I don’t mean that Matt is crafty with the English Language, nor that his posts and columns are required reading.

More like he’s a tax dodger:

We don’t usually think of William Shakespeare as a hoarder, moneylender or tax dodger, but academics in the United Kingdom say we should.

Researchers from Abersystwyth University in Wales say the Bard was a ruthless businessman who grew wealthy dealing in grain during a time of famine.

In a paper due to be delivered at the Hay literary festival in Wales in May, they argue we can’t fully understand Shakespeare unless we study his often-overlooked business savvy.

They say Shakespeare the grain-hoarder has been redacted from history so that Shakespeare the creative genius could be born.

Ah yeah. ?Rewriting of history. ?Glad that doesn’t happen these days.

Matt will be a saviour of PAYE payers everywhere if we wait long enough.