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Winston Peters’ baubles are looking very unlikely

NEXT! Winston Peters

The Green Parrot is squealing like a pig, with Winston Peters losing so many staff and now backing asset sales.

Hi Cam,

You might be interested to know that there is real panic inside NZ First at the moment.

As well as having to show Api [Dawson] to the exit and all the turnover in staff in Winston?s office, this weekend looks set to be a big embarrassment for Winston.

As of 12pm today, only 115 people have registered to attend the conference this weekend.

As a comparison in 2011 it was 350 people registered.


With NZ First leaking like a sieve, there will no doubt be more to come.

Paranoid Winston Peters dumps candidate?

Via the Tipline

NZ First is in dire straights. They only had two people?nominated in Tauranga ?- Murray Guy, the ex city councillor being the?frontrunner. Both were rejected. Guy is pretty annoyed after being?promised a high list ranking by Winston’s minion Edwin Perry…


This of course reflects the fact that all of NZ First being a “party” is a face. ?It is nothing more than a Winston Peters cult. ?And those who want to be on the ride only have to do one thing: ?say nothing. ? You’re just there for 3 years to take the money and to do absolutely nothing of substance. ? Read more »

Cartoon of the Day


Can Winston win Helensville?

Can Winston win Helensville?

Can Winston Raymond Peters, 65, Pensioner win Helensville?

Especially if the Whaleoil party puts a candidate up demanding honesty and integrity from candidates.

Where’s our $158,000 Winston?

Where's the $158,000 Winston?

The corrupt Winston Raymond Peters, now a pensioner, it seems, of Helensville wants to try and win the seat off John Key.

Well colour me annoyed. This short-arsed, mendacious, thieving, lying, philandering, prick still hasn’t paid us back the last $158,000 he nicked from the taxpayers of New Zealand.

He should be black-listed by the media until he starts fronting with our cash.

Every time he gets on a podium the first question asked of Winston Raymond Peters, 65, pensioner of Helensville is “Where’s our Cash?”

John Key will kick his lying, corrupt arse. He should quickly change the law to make WRP, 65, POH’s registration fee for any public office $158,000.

I think the blog mobile will be spending a great deal of time following the thief around.

I don’t hate anyone but Winston comes close. He is the living reason why we should consider term limits for politicians, and the second reason is the other pensioner looking to hoodwink voters in Christchurch.

Winston Peters is incontinence pants down

Winston Raymond Peters just can’t help himself. He is so crooked that when he stands up to his full 4’11” height and stretches his crooked little neck he is still crooked and lies like a flatfish.

His must hyped first speech to announce the return of Winston Peters turned out to be a fact free tirade.

The New Zealand Aged Care Association has rubbished figures provided by New Zealand First leader Winston Peters on overseas ownership of rest-homes.

In a speech titled “NZ for Sale” at an RSA in Rangiora, North Canterbury, Mr Peters today railed against privatisation of rest homes.

“Care of the elderly has been internationally privatised and sold off overseas.”

About 75% of 870 New Zealand rest homes were run by foreign companies and last year the Overseas Investment Office approved sales of aged rest care facilities worth $1.5 billion, he said.

But association chief executive Martin Taylor said the figures were completely false.

“The truth is about 4000 out of 34,500 beds are operated by foreign owned companies.”

Over the last year only one retirement village company, which included 335 aged care beds, was sold – for $135 million to Australians, Mr Taylor said.

Soooooo….Instead of New Zealand’s rest homes being sold off and run by evil foreigners to the tune of 75% it turns out that the number is actually just 11%. Instead of facilities worth $1.5 billion being sold off to evil foreigners it turns out that just one company was sold – too Australians – for $135 million.

The figures supplied by Winston Raymond Peters were so wrong they are fraudulent. Which considering the utterer of the figures perhaps isn’t a surprise. But wait….

Offsetting this, the fourth-largest aged care provider Radius has in the past year returned to full New Zealand ownership, so as such foreign ownership of aged care sector has decreased in the last year.

Oh so there isn’t an export of pensioners care to evil foreigners, there is actually an import.

Matthew Hooton was right about Winston Raymond Peters, he is a c*nt. Not only that he is a fraud, a liar, corrupt and a f*ckwit.

However I think he may be onto something, perhaps not as he thinks but it is a good idea nonetheless. Perhaps we could sell off the entire aged care industry off shore on the proviso that the new owners take the “assets” with them offshore. The government could even put on special flights to extradite the greedy old pensioner beneficiaries. In one brilliant idea Winston Raymond Peters has solved the problem of superannuation, aged health care and the bribe of the last election of free bus rides. As soon as you check into a aged care facility your bags are packed and out you go, the more I think of this the more I think Winston Raymond Peters is onto something positive.

I bet those foreign owned rest homes don't have these

Winston Raymond Peters, 65, unemployed of St Marys Bay reckons it is scandalous that New Zealand rest homes are being bought up by evil foreigners.

They would be miserable places and I bet they don’t provide quality furnishings for good loyal Winston First voters like these chairs.

I can see Winston bribing the oldies that can’t travel on the taxpayers ticket on buses with providing them each with a Shackelton’s High Seat Chair. I hope Winston doesn’t get one for himself though, a chair that high would mean his tiny little legs would never touch the ground and he wiould need a step ladder to climb into it.

Thank you to Robert Popper for finding this entirely cringe-worthy advert.

Lazarus returning

The scuttlebutt about town is a speech by Winston Raymond Peters, 65, unemployed of St Marys Bay, scheduled for tomorrow. It is rumoured to be hard hitting and media are being pre-warned to expect fireworks.

The word out in media circles too is that with John Key announcing that he is prepared to deal with Winston Peters that the time is now ripe for a Lazarus like return of New Zealand’s most corrupt politician.

The contents of the speech seem to be an attack against the Maori Party and of course foreign investment. The oldies and fortress New Zealand thinkers are going to be rarked up the miniature mafioso.

The Media too are said to be pleased because politics under John Key has until now been almost yawn inducing, save for the temper tantrums of Chris Carter and the? rooting of Richard Worth. they will welcome Winston Raymond Peters, 65, unemployed of St Marys Bay back with open arms, forgiving him for his lies, his deceit and his theft of $158,000 dollars.

New Zealand politics is about to become corrupt again and unfortunately we only have John key, or perhaps his inept press secretary Kevin Taylor, to blame for that. they have allowed the message to be passed to Winston Raymond Peters, 65, unemployed of St Marys Bay, that National is prepared once again to prostrate themselves before the miniature mafioso to cut a deal no matter how corrupt.

It looks, indeed, that Lazarus will return. At least it will give me huge motivation for the election next year. I will attempt to make it to every major speech of his and stand and ask where out $158,000 is that his party stole and never repaid.

Epic Fail by Winston First Youth Branch

Winston First Members listening to Winston rave onThey call themselves SS – NZF on Facebook. Epic Fail. Inviting Asian students to participate is also amusing.

Someone send them a World War 2 history book to discover why using SS as a part of your initials with a political party famous for its xenophobia is not a good idea.

Even better, ask an NZ First member – most of them are old enough.

I knew Winston First members were stupid but I didn’t realise they were this stupid.

Winston First = Nazi Party

Winston First = Nazi Party

WinstonFirst can't beg anyone to stand in Tauranga

Oh this is too funny.

A new candidate to replace Winston Peters in Tauranga is still being sought after the first three people approached by NZ First refused the offer. Roy Townhill, New Zealand First?s electorate chairman in Tauranga, set a deadline in August to have a new candidate by Christmas, but does not see this as possible now after three negative responses.

Two of these were people who lived out of Tauranga and refused to stand because they did not want to move to the city.
?We wanted them to move here. We tried to entice them but they have stayed true to where they were,? says Roy.

He identified former New Zealand First MP Barbara Stewart as one of those who was asked to stand in Tauranga. He would not identify the other person from out of Tauranga who was approached because the party still hopes that person will change their mind. One Tauranga party member was also approached but refused to stand because he found it difficult to find employment.
?He?s been turned down from two big jobs because of his involvement in the party. He would have loved to have been our candidate but paid work has got to come first,? says Roy.

Oh just die already you old coots. You are stuffed if even your old MP’s don’t want a bar of you.