Winston Raymond Peters

Where's the $158,000 Winston?

The corrupt Winston Raymond Peters, now a pensioner, it seems, of Helensville wants to try and win the seat off John Key.

Well colour me annoyed. This short-arsed, mendacious, thieving, lying, philandering, prick still hasn’t paid us back the last $158,000 he nicked from the taxpayers of New Zealand.

He should be black-listed by the media until he starts fronting with our cash.

Every time he gets on a podium the first question asked of Winston Raymond Peters, 65, pensioner of Helensville is “Where’s our Cash?”

John Key will kick his lying, corrupt arse. He should quickly change the law to make WRP, 65, POH’s registration fee for any public office $158,000.

I think the blog mobile will be spending a great deal of time following the thief around.

I don’t hate anyone but Winston comes close. He is the living reason why we should consider term limits for politicians, and the second reason is the other pensioner looking to hoodwink voters in Christchurch.

Winston Peters is incontinence pants down

Winston Raymond Peters just can’t help himself. He is so crooked that when he stands up to his full 4’11” height and stretches his crooked little neck he is still crooked and lies like a flatfish.

His must hyped first speech to announce the return of Winston Peters turned out to be a fact free tirade.

The New Zealand Aged Care Association has rubbished figures provided by New Zealand First leader Winston Peters on overseas ownership of rest-homes.

In a speech titled “NZ for Sale” at an RSA in Rangiora, North Canterbury, Mr Peters today railed against privatisation of rest homes.

“Care of the elderly has been internationally privatised and sold off overseas.”

About 75% of 870 New Zealand rest homes were run by foreign companies and last year the Overseas Investment Office approved sales of aged rest care facilities worth $1.5 billion, he said.

But association chief executive Martin Taylor said the figures were completely false.

“The truth is about 4000 out of 34,500 beds are operated by foreign owned companies.”

Over the last year only one retirement village company, which included 335 aged care beds, was sold – for $135 million to Australians, Mr Taylor said.

Soooooo….Instead of New Zealand’s rest homes being sold off and run by evil foreigners to the tune of 75% it turns out that the number is actually just 11%. Instead of facilities worth $1.5 billion being sold off to evil foreigners it turns out that just one company was sold – too Australians – for $135 million.

The figures supplied by Winston Raymond Peters were so wrong they are fraudulent. Which considering the utterer of the figures perhaps isn’t a surprise. But wait….

Offsetting this, the fourth-largest aged care provider Radius has in the past year returned to full New Zealand ownership, so as such foreign ownership of aged care sector has decreased in the last year.

Oh so there isn’t an export of pensioners care to evil foreigners, there is actually an import.

Matthew Hooton was right about Winston Raymond Peters, he is a c*nt. Not only that he is a fraud, a liar, corrupt and a f*ckwit.

However I think he may be onto something, perhaps not as he thinks but it is a good idea nonetheless. Perhaps we could sell off the entire aged care industry off shore on the proviso that the new owners take the “assets” with them offshore. The government could even put on special flights to extradite the greedy old pensioner beneficiaries. In one brilliant idea Winston Raymond Peters has solved the problem of superannuation, aged health care and the bribe of the last election of free bus rides. As soon as you check into a aged care facility your bags are packed and out you go, the more I think of this the more I think Winston Raymond Peters is onto something positive.

Lazarus returning

The scuttlebutt about town is a speech by Winston Raymond Peters, 65, unemployed of St Marys Bay, scheduled for tomorrow. It is rumoured to be hard hitting and media are being pre-warned to expect fireworks.

The word out in media circles too is that with John Key announcing that he is prepared to deal with Winston Peters that the time is now ripe for a Lazarus like return of New Zealand’s most corrupt politician.

The contents of the speech seem to be an attack against the Maori Party and of course foreign investment. The oldies and fortress New Zealand thinkers are going to be rarked up the miniature mafioso.

The Media too are said to be pleased because politics under John Key has until now been almost yawn inducing, save for the temper tantrums of Chris Carter and the? rooting of Richard Worth. they will welcome Winston Raymond Peters, 65, unemployed of St Marys Bay back with open arms, forgiving him for his lies, his deceit and his theft of $158,000 dollars.

New Zealand politics is about to become corrupt again and unfortunately we only have John key, or perhaps his inept press secretary Kevin Taylor, to blame for that. they have allowed the message to be passed to Winston Raymond Peters, 65, unemployed of St Marys Bay, that National is prepared once again to prostrate themselves before the miniature mafioso to cut a deal no matter how corrupt.

It looks, indeed, that Lazarus will return. At least it will give me huge motivation for the election next year. I will attempt to make it to every major speech of his and stand and ask where out $158,000 is that his party stole and never repaid.

CLIMATEGATE – The Tiger Woods Index for NZ

Why is the media focusing on Tiger Woods and his rooting when the general public is wanting focus on Climategate?

There is now an index for you to work out just how hypocritical the media has become and how they filter our news. It is called the Tiger Woods Index.

Thus, as an experiment, I started trawling around, taking the stats on other issues in the news. To make the figures comparable, I then worked out the ratios of web pages to news pages reported.

On that basis, Tiger Woods delivered 22,500,000 web and 46,025 news pages, giving ratio of 489. That is the ?Tiger Woods Index? (TWI) against which I chose to measure a raft of other issues.

?Climategate? was the next obvious choice and that produced 28,400,000 on the web page search, compared with 2,930 news items, delivering a ratio of 9,693. Using the TWI as a comparator, the public in general are more interested in ?Climategate? than Tiger Woods, by a factor of nearly 20 times.

Applying the ?ratio analysis? (doesn?t that sound grand!) to ten current issues, including the two already mentioned, an arbitrary list emerged, ranked by importance to the general public, against media interest. This is as follows:

1. Climategate: 28,400,000 ? 2,930 = 9693
2. Afghanistan: 143,000,000 ? 154,145 = 928
3. Obama: 202,000,000 ? 252,583 = 800
4. Tiger Woods: 22,500,000 ? 46,025 = 489
5. Gordon Brown: 12,300,000 ? 37,021 = 332
6. Climate change: 22,200,000 ? 68,419 = 324
7. Sally Bercow: 25,000 ? 86 = 290
8. David Cameron: 545,000 ? 4837 = 113
9. Meredith Kercher: 261,000 ? 3,471 = 75
10. Chilcot Inquiry: 125,000 ? 4,350 = 29

Let’s look at some Kiwi examples, again ranked by importance to the general public, against media interest. The NZ Media are worse even than the US.

  1. Climategate: 31,100,000 – 74 = 420,720
  2. Lisa Lewis: 116000 – 87 = 1333
  3. Phil Goff: 157000 – 292 = 537
  4. Tony Veitch: 90,600 – 364 = 248
  5. John Key: 196000 – 1327 = 147
  6. Hone Harawira: 169000 – 1320 = 128
  7. Millie Holmes: 7600 – 71 = 107
  8. Susan Boyle: 410000 -? 8778 = 46
  9. Taito Phillip Field: 21500 -1150 = 18
  10. Mark Hotchin: 41700 – 343 = 13
  11. MPs Expenses: 18600 – 1454 = 12

Key firm on Fiji expulsion

Key firm on Fiji expulsionPrime Minister John Key said there had been a unanimous decision to expel Fiji from the Pacific Forum, despite several nations recently breaking from the consensus and announcing their support for the military regime. [Stuff Politics]

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong Mr Key.

Mr Key said there was a desire to see a solution in Fiji by all those who has reached the unanimous decision to expel it.

“All 16 countries in the forum want to see a solution, but the question is what that solution will be.”

Cmdre Bainimarama had not engaged in dialogue with the other political stakeholders, Mr Key told reporters.

“From New Zealand’s point of view, it’s not just a conclusion or an outcome we want to see, it’s an enduring outcome.

“But I don’t think there’s any desire to revisit the decision we made which was to suspend Fiji from the Pacific Forum,” Mr Key said.

Well what do you expect from the Commodore?

All New Zealand ever does is wave the big stick, ostracise and ridicule. If we want the Commodore to engage in dialogue then we have to be willing to listen, willing to help, and willing do something. So far all we have been willing to do is shun them while at the same time throw money at arguably less democrtic countries like Samoa and Tonga.

There seems to be a real double standard over Fiji. When the previous administration was in we signed a free trade agreement with Thailand that as at the time controlled by a military junta, we have Kordia a SOE operating in Burma, Helen Clark gave Musharraf of Pakistan, a military dictator, a State reception and lets not forget our ongoing hand-wringing over Zimbabwe.

Actually when you look at it our mendacity over Fiji is glaringly obvious.

We should be assisting the Commodore not shunning him. meanwhile Thaksin Shinwatra is looking to spend $300 million in Fiji further increasing its strategic importance as a communications hub and all the while China and India are pumping in millions as well, while we sit on our hump wagging a finger at Fiji.

Tonga Good, Fiji Bad

Key announces aid boost, police funding for TongaNew Zealand will contribute a further $2.5 million to Tonga’s police force and further boost the annual aid programme. Prime Minister John Key made the announcement after meeting with King George Tupou V and Tonga Prime Minister… [NZ Herald Politics]

I find it bizarre that we continue to chuck millions of dollars at Tonga, arguably one of the more corrupt and anti-democratic countries in the South Pacific and have in fact boosted aid to them so that they can “move” towards democracy and at the same time have “smart sanctions” in place on Fiji and zero funding and aid in assisting them move towards democracy.

If you look at both countries it is Fiji that has a better record of democratic reforms and yet we have frozen them out and are as a result pushing them ever closer into the welcoming arms and coffers of China and India.

Someone with some balls should tell those twats at MFaT to pull their heads in. Tonga as far as a strategic location doesn’t rate a mention, Fiji on the other hand is very important.

Clearly someone in the Australian and New Zealand governments seems to think that an unsinkable Chinese aircraft carrier in the Pacific is a good idea. I don’t.

Australasia has failed Fiji, says ex-PM

Australasia has failed Fiji, says ex-PMAustralian and New Zealand diplomacy has failed Fiji, former Prime Minister and World Trade Organisation Director-General Mike Moore said yesterday. Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith defended his country’s approach on TV… [NZ Herald Politics]

Mike Moore is right on the money about Fiji. Both Australia and New Zealand with their arrogant “we know best” attitude have not done Fiji proud.

In fact we have probably exacerbated the situation.

“This represents a huge diplomatic failure by New Zealand and by Australia over several decades,” he told Q and A.

“Foreign policy is projecting and protecting your interests and promoting your values and building up over many years those values and those interests. We have failed.”

Mr Moore said “a game changer” was needed to look at the problems rather than take a critical approach.

“There has to be a game changer there, and to allow people to move, keep their dignity and keep their faith.”

Exactly. Tough talking, sanctions and travel bans have been spectacularly unsuccessful. Time now for a different approach. One of offering assistance to remove the impediments to true democracy in Fiji. By impediments I mean a culture of nepotism, graft, bribery, corruption and racism. Setting a new non-racist constitution and aiding iji in establishing a census would be huge hurdles we should be assisting with.

But no, instead we will focus on getting the hopelessly corrupt UN to stop using Fijian Peacke-Keeping troops. Oh right, that’ll work.

Tonga PM calls for soft approach with Fiji

Tonga PM calls for soft approach with FijiA crack has emerged in the hard line being taken against Fiji, with the Tongan Prime Minister suggesting a softly-softly approach should be tried with the troublesome republic [TVNZ News Politics]

Now this is what I call irony. The Prime Minister of one of the least democratic countries calling for a softly-softly approach on Fiji.

Tonga could hardly be called a democracy but I suspect that there is quite a bit of self interest in this call because clearly the Tongan Prime Minister can see that they could well be next in the calls for more democracy.

Nevertheless he does make some good points about the ultimate futility of sanctions and their blunt stick approach.

Joh Key shouldn’t be so insistent that 2014 is unacceptable for elections in Fiji. The problems in Fiji may well require 5 years to alleviate unless of course we get off our high horse and help them bring that forward.

Cool Tech

WolframAlpha is live, I’ve had a play and it is somewhat useful. I am sure I will work out how useful in due course. A Google killer it ain’t though.

The US Army has been using wireless apps in Iraq delivered to the troops using iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The reason?

“…ideal for the age of “network centric warfare”, relatively easy to use, safe with secure software, and far cheaper than manufacturing a military version.”

You can get a £24,495 solid platinum iPhone 3G.

Perhaps our prison service could utilise these little wonders. Tiny “Smart Dew” sensors promise a low-cost security solution can be scattered outdoors on rocks, fence posts and doorways, or even indoors on the floor of a bank to serve as invisible security guards with each individual “dew droplet” capable of detecting an intrusion within a parameter of 50 meters. Dozens, hundreds and even thousands of these Smart Dew sensors – each equipped with a controller and RF transmitter/receiver – can also be wirelessly networked to detect different conditions like the the difference between man, animal, car and truck

Frank Bainimarama – In Depth

Sky News has done what no other media has been bothered to do, find out what is actually happening in Fiji and bothering to sit and talk with Frank Bainimarama. Take note of this John Key, take close note, especially about the influence of China.

Part Two

Part Three

My contacts in Fiji tell me that this is the best interview with Frank ever. They are all proud of him.