Wiremu Curtis-Howard

What are Islamic leaders doing to address radical Islamism in NZ?

In November last year there was some media coverage of the airsoft-loving Islamist in Auckland, Mr Wiremu Curtis-Howard. Despite us?warning everyone about?him and his friends more than a year ago, the NZ Herald reporter seemed shocked that he would post support for Islamic State on Facebook or show off his weapons.

The report failed to investigate anything further than the shock value of his pictures. While our look into his background?is not much deeper an investigation, it does raise some more fundamental questions about the role that the Muslim community leadership has in addressing the problem of Islamism in New Zealand.

The Aucklander ?Harun Abdul-Majeed SaifuAllah? is also known as Wiremu Curtis and we?warned people about him more than a ?year earlier. He was wearing an ISIS hoody on the Sunday programme of 13 July 2014;

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