Christchurch SJWs flex their muscle

Source: Free Speech Coalition

There?s no doubt that SJWs have been emboldened by the Christchurch terrorist attack. Predictably, Red Radio takes their side. quote.

Quote:Just four days after the mosque attacks that claimed 50 lives, some Christchurch residents are tackling the tough questions.

A public forum last night, organised by EduAction and the Canterbury Progressive Network, attracted about 200 people and their ideas for making the city a better place.End of quote.

Progressive. Well, what else would they be called? quote.

QuotOne of the events organisers, Paul Hopkinson, said he wanted to give people the chance to answer “where to, from here?”

[?]Among ideas put forward were calling out people for any casual racism, and supporting ethnic minorities by buying from their stores.End of quote.

Like this kind of casual racism? quote.

Funny how these people are going after conservatives and anyone who says anything against leftist dogma. Yet if it had been a terrorist attack by an Islamist it?d be all, ?We can?t judge all Muslims? and, ?It was just a lone attack, nothing to do with Islam?. quote.

Quote:Arthur Monteath-Carr called on parents to be mindful of what their children could be exposed to and the communities they might be spending their time with.End of quote.

Which is one degree of separation from saying spy on your workmates. quote.

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If you want to know who rules you ask yourself who you cannot criticise

The French are already well on the way to becoming a Muslim caliphate?as their harsh treatment of those who tell the truth about how Arab families raise their children is a strong indication that Muslims are already ruling them. In what has been called the French Inquisition or a jihad against the truth, a trial in France has been held to punish George Bensoussan who is a historian of Moroccan heritage. This is a man who has studied Moroccans and is an expert on their culture. Putting him on trial for making statements about Arab families is like putting a Science teacher on trial for making statements about the Periodic table.

What George Bensoussan said is something that everyone knows to be true. Socialists, however, are known for being more concerned about how they want the world to be rather than about how the world actually is. What Bensoussan said does not describe the kind of world they want in France even though it is exactly the kind of world they are living in.

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Geert Wilders has lost his personal freedom but defends his right to freedom of speech



Netherlands’ politician Geert Wilders has already lost his personal freedom and lives his life under armed guard due to the serious death threats made against him by Islamic terrorists Now he is facing not only a fine but the real prospect of being put in prison for his views on immigration. His words were nothing out of the ordinary for a party that has gained huge popularity for its anti-immigration stance. What he is on trial for will shock you. I don’t think his words are why he is on trial. It is the threat his political party poses to the ruling elite that is really behind?this sham of a court case.Geert Wilders’ final speech to the court is abridged below.

Mr. President, Members of the Court,
When I decided to address you here today, by making a final statement in this trial against freedom of speech, many people reacted by telling me it is useless. That you, the court, have already written the sentencing verdict a while ago. That everything indicates that you have already convicted me. And perhaps that is true. Nevertheless, here I am. Because I never give up. And I have a message for you and the Netherlands.

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The lunatics are now running the Asylum at Yale University

Erika Christakis, who was at the center of protests at Yale, at the Calvin Hill Day Care Center in New Haven last month. Credit Christopher Capozziello for The New York Times

Erika Christakis, who was at the center of protests at Yale, at the Calvin Hill Day Care Center in New Haven last month. Credit Christopher Capozziello for The New York Times

Two Academics who are husband and wife have resigned their posts at Yale University after being targeted by student activists.They were unlikely targets as they had a long record of advocating for minority students, and had devoted much of their academic work to highlighting health and development problems facing underserved communities. What happened to them is far too common on University campuses these days as has been made very clear by Milo Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous?Faggot tour. His tour has been attacked by intolerant liberal students who feel that they have the right to silence free speech and to dictate what people can and cannot do and say. It was students just like the ones that attacked Milo that forced the resignations of the two academics at Yale.

So what did they do to start off the witch hunt that would end in their joint resignation?

…It began fittingly on the day before Halloween, when Ms. Christakis questioned guidelines from Yale?s Intercultural Affairs Committee warning against ?culturally unaware or insensitive? costumes. Ms. Christakis reasoned, in an email to Silliman residents, that students should decide for themselves how to dress for Halloween, without the administration?s involvement.

Student radicals of the 1960s might have recognized her note as a defense of free expression, but those days are long gone. Instead, Ms. Christakis was denounced as a proponent of cultural insensitivity. Irate students circulated petitions, wrote editorials and posted social-media tirades. They scribbled criticisms in chalk outside the Christakises? home and posted degrading images of them online. Two student groups demanded their removal from Silliman.

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Is the witch-hunt number 3

I have been thinking overnight about Len Browns ill advised witch-hunt to try to find an honest citizen more interested in transparency than he is.

It must be number three on his list of 100 things to do in his first 100 days.

The first was of course to instruct some council planners to prepare some paperwork. The second great initiative was to clean the townhall windows. After 30 days in office I would have thought we would have seen a list of 30 items but I cant find one anywhere, not on the Council website or anywhere else.

So I hae come to the conclusion that despite after 30 days and nothing since day two that the witch-hunt to find an honest citizen is the third intiative.

I cant wait for the other 97 things, and?because?Len Brown seems to have a problem with dates, there are just 70 days left counting today.

Of course I could be dead wrong and Len Brown actually just mouthed the pithy comment about doing 100 things in 100 days to feed that to the media. A bit like his Mayor in the Chair malarky.

Len Brown is just a bunch of slogans with the g cut off the end.


Grant Robertson forgets his time under Clark

The government is investigating leaks by Labour rats weasels moles sympathisers in Public Service.

Grant Robertson is aghast and filled with faux outrage;

Labour’s state services spokesman Grant Robertson said the leaks were a result of the Government’s secrecy about important public issues, and that it needed to look at its own handling of them instead of starting a “witch-hunt”.

In relation to public sector restructuring, he said the Government had not even talked to key stakeholders involved in areas affected by the proposed mergers in the state sector.

“Mucking around with agencies like the Food Safety Authority and Archives New Zealand” had far-reaching consequences for the public, which didn’t appear to be having a say, Mr Robertson said.

He said he understood the investigations had been underway for more than a week and appeared to be a result of pressure from ministers.

“Given the Government’s handling of these issues it is not surprising that public servants want to blow the whistle.

“The Government is serial leaker of information when it suits them. They need to take a good look in the mirror, rather than wasting resources on a witch-hunt of these whistleblowers.”

But Grant forgets that there is a thing called Google and they even have handy graphics to aid with searchs of a particular item, like…oh I don’t know…uhmmmm…maybe something like “State Services Commission leaks investigation“. Grant worked in the Prime Minister’s office until 2005. How come all these stories weren’t a waste of government resources pursuing a witch-hunt.

Nov 29, 2001 – The inquiry, ordered by Defence Minister Mark Burton, is under the authority of the State Services Commission and is part of a wider investigation into the leaking of defence force information. It is being carried out by Wellington lawyer Douglas White QC and former secretary of
From Army PR man called before inquiryRelated web pages
www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1 …

Feb 26, 2004 – Queen’s Counsel Kit Toogood will conduct the inquiry for the State Services Commission into the leaking of legal documents from Helen Clark’s Mt Albert electorate office, but his questioning is limited to the role of Immigration and electorate office workers.
From Opposition predicts ‘whitewash’ in leaked-letter inquiryRelated web pages
www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1 …

And how about all these stories after his time but still under the control of the Heleban in Clarkistan.

2006 May 5, 2006 – Telecom has finished its own investigation into the leak of the document. Public affairs manager John Goulter says Telecom has carried out its internal investigation and passed the results on to the State Services Commission. Goulter says the investigation was comprehensive and reaches
From Telecom profit plungesRelated web pages

May 8, 2006 – Last night, Telecom spokesman John Goulter would not comment on whether the report names the leak, but said it was comprehensive and would aid the SSC’s investigation. The SSC inquiry will have the powers to summon witnesses and request evidence from Telecom as well as other Government
From Leak not from my office, says ClarkRelated web pages
www.nzherald.co.nz/section/story.cfm?c_id=280 …

May 8, 2006 – However, he said Telecom’s inquiry reached “firm conclusions” and he believed the SSC’s investigation would be “quite swift” as a result. The SSC will not comment on that aspect. A spokeswoman said today it would be a “fair and thorough” process. Prime Minister Helen Clark,
From Telecom leak inquiry could be swiftRelated web pages
www.nzherald.co.nz/section/story.cfm?c_id=1 …

May 12, 2006 – National is calling for the State Services Commission to reveal where the mole who leaked sensitive information about Telecom was employed. National’s deputy leader Gerry Brownlee says the investigation is useless without clarifying where the leak came from.
From Broadband mole identifiedRelated web pages

May 13, 2006 – “I would like to thank the various parties, including Telecom, for their swift co-operation with the investigation process,” he said. Telecom is thought to have told the State Services Commission the name of the leaker. The National Party is pointing the finger at the Beehive,
From Speculation rife as telco leak caughtRelated web pages
www.nzherald.co.nz/ministry-of-economic …

May 16, 2006 – The State Services Commissioner, Mark Prebble today released the findings of the State Services Commission investigation into the leak of a Cabinet paper to Telecom. Mark Prebble said the Cabinet paper was taken by Mr Michael Ryan, a Messenger employed by the Department of the Prime
From SSC Investigation Into Telecom LeakRelated web pages

May 24, 2006 – He does not accept the conclusion of a State Services Commission report which exonerated Mr Garty, and Telecom, from blame in receiving a Cabinet United Future holds the balance of power on the commerce select committee, which could conduct its own investigation into the leak.
From Telecom leak man rejects Clark’s attackRelated web pages
www.nzherald.co.nz/politics/news/article.cfm …

Grant is being a hypocrite, which is a shame because he is actually a nice bloke, and smart as well, in fact he probably is the new Brains Trust of the Labour Party, they just don’t know yet because the old warhorses are still supping at the trough.