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Photo: National Museum of Health and Medicine

Photo: National Museum of Health and Medicine

Forehead Grenade X-ray

?Grenade embedded in forehead. Vietnam war

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Where the sun don’t shine

Doctors share radiology results on a site called Radiopedia, including, erm, those cases where people have placed foreign objects up their scratchers.


This X-ray of a 40-year-old man reveals a pestle, which he says entered his rectum when he ‘slipped while cooking Malaysian food’.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo: ? The New England Journal of Medicine

Photo: ? The New England Journal of Medicine

No Wonder She Was In Agony

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Photo Of The Day

Xray of a heavy drug user with at least 17 broken needles stuck in his neck.

X-ray of a heavy drug user with at least 17 broken needles stuck in his neck.

Broken Needles in the Neck of a Heroin Addict

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Chink in the system?

A man died after a doctor failed to inspect an x-ray, the doctors union boss thinks it was a “chink in the system”.

Ian Powell, Executive Director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists, was not surprised to hear of a basic procedural error occurring during a period of high stress in a hospital.

“It is quite understandable to see quite a basic procedure missed, or a check not done, when you are under constant pressure all the time,” he said.

New Zealand’s public hospitals have “entrenched shortages” of staff that lead to doctors being overworked and result in mistakes, he said. “When you start getting chinks in the system, then you create that risk to patients.

I’m not sure Ian Powell, who likes to run stories like this in election year, has chosen appropriate language in describing this system.? Read more »

Got ‘im, Good on ya Binga

It appears the damage to Piers Morgan was more than just a few bruises and his wrecked pride…he’s got a cracked rib for being a lippy prick.


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This is just creepy


Getting Obama with a death-ray?

Two blokes have been arrested in the US for plotting to kill Barack Obama with a death-ray. Seriously..a death-ray?


TWO men have been arrested over a plot to kill US President Barack Obama with a giant homemade death ray.

The FBI arrested 49-year-old Glendon Scott Crawford, from Galway, New York, and his friend Eric J. Feight, 54, of Hudson, New York, foiling the pair’s plan to kill Obama, who Crawford blamed for the recent Boston marathon bombings.

Crawford had built a homemade X-ray machine that used deadly amounts of radiation to kill targets and could be detonated remotely,?ABC news reports.

The FBI said the device would have been both “functional” and “lethal”. They said Crawford had called his design “Hiroshima on a light switch”.? Read more »

Getting fired for having a laugh at a bloke with an eel up his bum?

One person has been sacked after and investigation into staff looking at?the?x-ray of the bloke with an eel up his arse.

Not the actual X-Ray

Not the actual X-Ray

Thirty-three health workers have been disciplined for snooping at x-rays and other information on the man who had an eel removed from inside him at Auckland City Hospital.

At least one was sacked. The rest were given verbal warnings, written warnings or final written warnings.

Mainly they had looked at computer-based radiology images, but some looked at the man’s blood-test results and the discharge summary.

Some had also distributed information outside the Auckland District Health Board.? Read more »


People are Stupid, Ctd

I mean really, really stupid, like getting plastic surgery on your toes so that you can better wear Jimmy Choo’s:

“I?ve had three toes shortened ? a portion of bone removed between the joints and ?xed together with metal rods. I like to wear Jimmy Choo?s, three-inch heels with a pointy toe.?

Foot X-ray. Toe reduction surgery. Kristina Widmer, 36.

New York, USA