Privacy Commisioner looks into Yahoo! Hack, but my hack was no reason for concern

The Privacy Commissioner didn’t give two shits about the hack of my personal data nor of the Media Party pedalling that all over their papers and airwaves.

But they are real concerned about the hack of Yahoo!

Spark says information from?130,000 Xtra email addresses is?”at risk” as a result of a massive hack on Yahoo in 2014 that only came to light last week.

Privacy commissioner John Edwards praised Spark?but questioned Yahoo’s response and?said the?hack showed?the need for a New Zealand law to force companies to own up to data breaches.

Yahoo said?last week that 500 million email?customers had information stolen in the attack which?it believed?had the backing of a foreign government.

The attack?also affected Spark customers?as it outsourced its Xtra email service to Yahoo in 2007.

Spark said about 15 per cent of its 825,000 Xtra email addresses?were at risk.

The information stolen from Yahoo?includes?unencrypted questions and answers to security questions?that could be used to reset account passwords. ? Read more »

French arts bludgers tell Google and Apple to leave

The cheese eating surrender monkey’s arts bludgers are signalling to business…and Apple and Google especially that they should leave France.

France is preparing to impose taxes on Apple and Google to finance the production of art, films and music in the country, in a move likely to worsen relations between business and Francois Hollande?s socialist government.

The president has asked businessman Pierre Lescure to find ways of funding the arts, as the economy continues to struggle.

France slipped back into recession in the first quarter of this year and the European Commission expects the economy to contract 0.1pc in 2013.? Read more »

Herald Bombs a little extra


Of course, the real mystery is why people operating Yahoo!Xtra email accounts haven’t figured out why it’s a smart move to change to something else.

This the the third time that the Yahoo!Xtra database has been compromised. ?I don’t have much faith in them fixing it on the third try.

GMail is where it’s at, peoples. ?Get with the program.


Russell Brown actually gets it

Russell Brown has explained in sensible words why Kim DotCon is a fat thieving German fraud. I am much more base that Russell as you can see.

So it?s okay, because he?s not going to steal advertising inventory from small publishers, only large ones. Except that Google and Yahoo aren?t only publishers: they also operate advertising networks that place ads on third party sites ? ads that produce revenue that many small publishers rely on.

I?ve written here before about the punishing trends in online advertising. When you read a story hailing 20% growth in digital advertising, you need to bear in mind that most of that is going to the big players ? Google and Facebook ? and a lesser portion to the larger established media players, such as Fairfax.? Read more »

Friday F*ckup

The Firearm Blog

This is my kind of screw up. Please dear lord let that happen to me…screw the TV, a SIG716 is going to be a whole lot more fun in the long run:

Yahoo Tech?reports?on a Washington DC resident who ordered a $400 TV on Amazon and instead received a .308?SIG 716?rifle?worth $2,200.

Some people have wondered if the gun was actually an air rifle or airsoft clone of the SIG 716. I think it is probably the real deal. Most companies outsource their warehousing and shipping to fulfilment houses. This kind of error was almost certainly made by the fulfilment house, not the TV merchant, not Amazon and not the gun store. In theory a rifle should be kept in a secure part of the fulfilment house. What must have happened is that this rifle got mixed up in another companies inventory outside the secure storage, either accidentally or on purpose (disgruntled employee?).


Would it be the same for National?

? Sydney Morning Herald

There hasn?t been a woman selected for National who is pregnant.

Yahoo chief executive officer?Marissa Mayer?is breaking new ground for Fortune 500 companies by starting her job more than six months pregnant, a trend already embraced by young women running Silicon Valley start-ups.

Mayer, an engineer and former Google executive who helped develop the company’s home page and maps products, was hired by Yahoo after a nine-week search for a CEO.

Yahoo have a much more enlightened view.

“Yahoo’s board found Mayer’s pregnancy a nonissue and that’s a big sign of progress,” said Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, deputy director of the Women and Foreign Policy Program at the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations, who is pregnant with twins. “But at many companies, it’s still an issue.”

During National selections board members go around telling delegates that we shouldn?t have a woman young children in parliament. They don?t directly say a woman’s place is in the home, but if they didn?t they would be more welcoming of women without children as well as women with children in parliament.

After all they accept MPs like Phil Heatley, Jonathon Coleman, Sam Lotu-Iiga, Jami-Lee Ross and Simon Bridges becoming fathers while serving.

UPDATE: I now know of two woman candidates who were asked specifically during pre-selection this question: “You aren’t going to do a Katherine Rich are you?”

Greenpeace busted lying again

? Data Center Knowledge

Recently in New Zealand Greenpeace was busted lying after a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority. Now in the US they have been caught lying again:

Apple?says it will use 20 megawatts of power at full capacity in its North Carolina data center, about one-fifth the amount estimated by Greenpeace?in a report that is sharply critical of Apple and other data center operators for relying upon ?dirty? energy sources to power their cloud computing operations.

Apple?s statement raises questions about the credibility of the estimates in the Greenpeace report, and illustrates the difficulty of seeking to estimate data center power usage ? a detail that many companies are unwilling to disclose on their own.

Greenpeace has estimated that Apple will use 100 megawatts of power at the facility in Maiden, North Carolina. Greenpeace?s Gary Cook used that estimate to?downplay the significance?of Apple?s substantial investment in on-site renewable power in Maiden, which includes a?20 megawatt solar array?and a ?biogas-powered fuel cell with a 5 megawatt capacity.

?While much has been made of this announcement, it will cover?only 10 percent of their total generation for the data center,? Greenpeace said in its report,?How Clean is Your Cloud?, which has received widespread media attention today. But Apple says that isn?t the case at all.

?Our data center in North Carolina will draw about 20 megawatts at full capacity, and we are on track to supply more than 60% of that power on-site from renewable sources including a solar farm and fuel cell installation which will each be the largest of their kind in the country,? Apple said in a statement. ?We believe this industry-leading project will make Maiden the greenest data center ever built, and it will be joined next year by our new facility in Oregon running on 100% renewable energy.?

Greenpeace has also assumed that Apple would use coal-sourced power in its Prineville, Oregon data center and factored that assumption into its Clean Energy Index ranking of 15.3 for Apple, far below the scores given to Facebook (36.4), Google (39.4) and Yahoo (56.4).

Apple would clearly receive a much higher score if Greenpeace used a 20 megawatt base to evaluate its coal-sourced power. ?In effect, the current score whacks Apple for 80 megawatts of ?dirty? power that it?s not using.

Greenpeace, like Trevor Mallard, never let the truth get in the way of a good lie.

Viscount Monckton fisks Obama

Viscount Monckton has done the unthinkable, he has challenged the great, the only, the wondrous, Obama and his woolly thinking on Climate Change.

Obama said;

“Few challenges facing America and the world are more urgent than combating climate change. The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear. Sea levels are rising. Coastlines are shrinking. We’ve seen record drought, spreading famine, and storms that are growing stronger with each passing hurricane season. Climate change and our dependence on foreign oil, if left unaddressed, will continue to weaken our economy and threaten our national security.”

Viscount Monckton retorts with facts;

Few challenges facing America and the world are less urgent than combating the non-problem of “global warming”. On all measures, there has been no increase in global mean surface temperatures since 1995; and, according to the University of Alabama at Huntsville, near-surface temperatures in 2008 will be lower than in 1980, 28 years ago, the first complete year of satellite observations. On all measures, global temperatures have been falling for seven full years since late 2001. The January-to-January fall in temperatures between 2007 and 2008 was the greatest since global temperature records were first compiled in 1880, 128 years ago. The rate of new Arctic sea-ice formation in mid-October 2008 was among the fastest since satellite records began almost 30 years ago. There has been no decline whatsoever in the total global extent of sea ice since satellite records began. New records for the extent of northern-hemisphere snow cover were observed by the satellites in the winter of 2001 and again in 2007. This year, many ski resorts are opening early as Arctic weather strikes. Many temperature stations in the northern hemisphere recorded record low temperatures in October/November 2008.

So Obama got it wrong, in fact so spectacularly wrong it beggars belief. One wonders when the rest of the “believers” are going to wake up the the real facts not the manufacturered pseudo-science of the IPCC. Yet these tossers all say that the science is settled, that there is consensus, this most demonstrably is false as Viscount Monckton points outs;

Obama is not correct to say, “The science is not in dispute.” Across all disciplines, some 31,000 scientists approached by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine in 2007/8 signed a declaration to the effect that “global warming” is not a global crisis and that humankind has very little influence over the climate. A survey of climatologists and scientists in related fields by Van Storch (2005/6) established that a considerable proportion of respondents did not believe the alarmist notions disseminated by Al Gore or the UN climate-change panel. The office of Senator James Inhofe maintains a list of more than 500 scientists in climate and related fields who have made public statements questioning at least one aspect of what has falsely been presented as a scientific “consensus”.

In any event, as the late Michael Crichton used to say, “If it’s consensus, it isn’t science: if it’s science, it isn’t consensus.” Science is not done by consensus: and, even if it were, the evidence is that a very considerable body of scientists both within and beyond climatology have grave doubts about the notion of a significant and damaging human influence on the climate.

Viscount Monckton goes on to destroy any shred of credibility Obama has on this issue, line by line and detail by detail. Warmists and other co-religionists would do well to educate themselves. Of course, for daring to differ in opinion from the Great Obama he will now be vilified. Be that as it may, the truth is the truth and facts are facts.

Double Dipper loves Che the murderer

Double dipping MP Steve Maharey, who still hasn’t resigned and has been raking in the dosh from his two jobs, has a lovely little picture of Che Guevara on his wall.

Double Dipper loves Che the murderer

I wonder if he admires the ordering of executions of political enemies and innocents?

Newsflash to all you socialist lovers of Che Guevara. Che Guevara was a murderer and your t-shirt is not cool.


Be afraid, be very afraid

What would a fourth term Helen Clark do? Well Matthew Hooton has some ideas and they are very scary. However given the pathology of narcissism and in particular Helen Clark’s advanced Narcissistic Personality Disorder these things are now no longer beyond the realms of possibility.

When you look at each item in isolation, seperated by time, then there isn’t much to see, but put it all together and you get to see a pattern that is down right Smith’s Dream or Sleeping Dogs. All of which is highly ironic because it was Muldoon that C.K. Stead was writing about at the time.

Hooton’s list of potential Clarkist  dictates;

  • Helen Clark, of course, viciously attacked the media in her speech to the Journalism Education Association last year.
  • She accused the New Zealand Herald of running a “full-blooded attack” on her Government and lamented that complaining to the Press Council “just doesn’t get you anywhere”, suggesting she wants other remedies available to her.
  • Earlier, in 2006, Clark attacked the Sunday Star-Times for daring to run my fortnightly column, and Radio New Zealand National for my half hour a week politics slot with Laila Harre.
  • Frighteningly, as part of her attack, she used a Maoist-sounding description – “the peoples’ radio” – to describe Radio New Zealand National, suggesting what she thinks the role of the public broadcaster should be and that providing a range of contestable opinions for listeners to consider is not part of it.
  • Finance Minister Michael Cullen has threatened the New Zealand Herald with changes to its tax status if it didn’t change its position on taxation, and accused press gallery journalists of self interest in asking him questions about tax relief.
  • Former Broadcasting Minister Steve Maharey broke the law in trying to influence Radio New Zealand’s editorial content but, when challenged, said he would do it again.
  • If it hadn’t been for the “chilling” Electoral Finance Act, it would be possible to dismiss speculation about a secret Labour agenda to control the press. But they did it for paid media. Why wouldn’t they extend that principle to unpaid media?

Of course we may never get to see a true democratic Labour fourth term because Clark may just for go the elections and decide in her narcissistic nanny knows best way that elections are just too confusing for people and dispense with them anyway in a bloodless coup.