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And this man wants to be Education Minister?

Trevor Mallard the self professed tough man of Labour has taken to blogging like a drunk to the bottle.

However if you are going to draw attention to your post on Kiwiblog in a blatent attempt at link whoring and you are Labour’s education spokesman then the least you coudl do would be to use the correct word. I guess he was right though when he said his post was “not so eloquent”.

Trevor Mallard gets an F




Herald Editorial: Govt mustn't give way on league tables

Editorial: Govt mustn’t give way on league tablesState educationists go to extraordinary lengths to resist the ranking of schools in what they disparagingly call “league tables”. The Primary Principals Federation says its members might refuse to file results of new national standards… [NZ Herald Politics]

Labour are sure picking some strange fights.

Trevor Mallard has decided that he and Labour must protect at all costs the reputations and honour of loyal unionists and fight the release of information school performance in National Standards Tests.

Educationists, in other words, are not looking at tests in the same way that parents do. The professionals, in so far as they accept comparative measurements, want to know the school is performing well enough for one in its social situation. Caring parents want to know their child is in a good school.

League tables are a perfectly legitimate tool from the parents’ point of view. A good school for their child is one where high standards are maintained and if the pupils come with advantages, so much the better. If some schools have to work harder than others to bring most of their pupils to the desired standards, so be it. Parents want results.

Exactly. DPF points out though how we might usefully implement Trevor’s suggestion across all of the State Sector. Trevor must really, really hate being in opposition, never mind though he will have at least three terms to come to grips with his feelings of loathing for the opposition benches.

Labour and their union buddies just keep on choosing battles they cannot possibly win, and long may that continue.


Angry Trevor – The Video

Trevor Mallard is still throwing his toys. Look at this video and see what you think. Trevor needs seriously to control his anger.



Lockwood goes Duck hunting

Trevor Mallard has raised the ire of the Speaker once too often and today came very, very close to being named as he was slung from the house.

Hon John Key: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. I am sorry to interrupt the member, but the member Mr Mallard has been accusing me of being a liar, and I think that is inappropriate in this House.

Mr SPEAKER: On a couple of occasions during question time today I have heard the Hon Trevor Mallard interjecting exactly that. Offence has been taken on this occasion, and I ask the member to withdraw and apologise for it.

Hon Trevor Mallard: Before I do that, Mr Speaker, I make it clear—

Mr SPEAKER: Order!

Hon Trevor Mallard: I did not make the comment!

Mr SPEAKER: The member will leave the Chamber for the rest of the day.

Hon Trevor Mallard: For not making a comment? For goodness’ sake!

Mr SPEAKER: The member will not dispute the Speaker. [Interruption] And if he is not careful he will be named. [Interruption]

Hon Trevor Mallard withdrew from the Chamber.

Trevor is none too pleased about this development and what isn’t reported in the Hansard but was clearly audible in the footage recorded was his parting shot to the Speaker of “That is the worst decision you have ever made”.

Unfortunately for Trevor, I think he has gone just a step too far in blogging his displeasure and I am sure this will in fact breach standing orders. Just in case he decides to take the post down I have a screenshot of it should the Speaker desire to see the evidence.

Trevor Mallard sticksboth feet inHe goes further though in the comments, adding fuel to the fire. Right on cue too his lefty felchtard pals jump on the bandwagon with the cry that Speaker Smith is the worst speaker ever. They clearly are new to watching Question Time and have never experienced the farce that Margaret Wilson presided over.

Trevor just keeps on digging and digging in the comments. Not only does he still question the Speaker’s decision but he continues to call John Key a liar, either by insinuation or directly, the very thing that led to him being chucked from the house. He continues to carry on like a silly school boy thinking he has done no wrong. To then go on and suggest a no confidence motion in the Speaker because Trevor got his ass tossed out is just plain ridiculous.

Trevor Mallard opens his mouth and puts both feet inSuffice to say Trevor Mallard made the news all about him rather than the questioning of Pete Hodgson. One wonders if he is trying to raise his profile a little higher ahead of his challenge to Phil Goff’s invisible leadership.

Eventually though Labour and Goff will rue the constant questioning of the Prime Minister and his effective sacking of Richard Worth. When the full details emerge, and they will, then Labour are going to look like grubby smear merchants revelling in the muck and John Key will come out smelling of roses for keeping information that Labour desperately wants out in the public rightfully out of sight. The public will not like what they have to hear and it will be Labour and their prurient chasing of the details in order to besmirch John Key and his handling of the affair that will cop the flogging for it.

But hey, be my guest Labour, dig your own grave, keep hammering away on this. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


More on troughing MP's campaigning in Mt Albert

We have seen those MPs snapped troughing in Mt Albert provide us with all manner of excuses for why they were in Mt Albert.

Trevor Mallard explained to me and to others at Back Benches that he had been careful to arrange meetings “as cover” for him being in Auckland.

Then all of a sudden it hit me. Labour’s campaign slogan was “Putting Mt Albert First”.

Clearly they meant that for the whole country, putting Mt Albert first before all others. If I was a constituent from Wainuiomata and Palmerston North I’d wonder why I bothered to elect a Labour MP whose motto now seems to be putting Mt Albert first at the expense of my own electorate.

The fact that MPs seem to think that scheduling a number of meetings outsidfe of their own electorate as some sort of justification for troughing it up at the taxpayers expense shows just how arrogant and out of touch they become once elected.

This is particularly true of constituent MPs, they are elected to represent a local area and they saw fit to do exactly the opposite and put Mt Albert first above their own electorate.

Mallard obfuscates

Rush to Mt Albert – the list growsOut-of-town Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway used a rental car to campaign in the Mt Albert byelection and says it was not paid for from his taxpayer-funded expenses. But it could have been covered by a colleague’s expenses claim. Mr… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Herald has another article about troughing MP’s campaigning in Mt Albert on the taxpayers tit. The most interesting comment from a troughing MP is about Trevor Mallard.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard said he made three visits to Auckland during the byelection campaign and did a lot of parliamentary business.

He used taxis and rental cars, but as Mt Albert was on the way to the airport, he did not incur any extra expense.

Really! A quick ring around the most well known cab companies would have told the repeaters from the Herald that unless you are going to Henderson, Mt Albert isn’t on the way from the Airport to anywhere! At Backbenchers I asked Trevor where he was staying and he told me in the city. So I plugged in details of Auckland Airport to Auckland City and lo and behold the quickest direct route to the City from the airport, inconveniently for Trevor, goes nowhere even remotely close to Mt Albert electorate.

I can just imagine…jump in a cab and say “City, pal, via Mt albert” The cabbie would have a grin from ear to ear, it would add about $60 to the fare. Trevor Mallard you’ve been found out.

Airport to City via Mt Albert


Labour's strategists head scratching in Mt Albert

Labour's strategists head scratchingLabour’s strategists have called for all hands to help in the battle for Mt Albert. Today they received more bad news. David Shearer is barely in front of Melissa Lee despite Trevor Mallard’s smear campaign for which he is yet to apologise.

My deep throat Labour sources tell me that the latest polling from multi-national polling company UMR shows that David Shearer is polling at 36 per cent and Melissa Lee is just behind on 34% despite all the mudslinging by Labour.

Labour’s strategists are said to be panicking and called for a full turnout. Expect all of Labour’s out of town MP’s to be campaigning on the taxpayers tit.

We could be looking at another Onehunga here. No wonder Labour/EPMU functionaries are lying to constituents telling them it is illegal not to vote.

David “Blackwater” Shearer will be in real trouble if there is any dirt out on him that lands in the final week.

Tossed from the House for being a Tosser

Oops! And oops! againPrime Minister John Key and Finance Bill English simply have to start finding out what the other is saying. That way they can stop contradicting each other in public. How about this for the day before the National Government’s… [NZ Herald Politics]

Trev the Muss came off second best in the House today after Lockwood Smith booted his sorry ass out for arguing with him and the little Orange Guy of Labour Darren Hughes also came close to being tossed as well.

Labour’s modus operandi at the moment is a mixture of their usual misogyny towards women,  condescension, arrogance and outright bullying. Today Trevor mallard ended up with a carton of eggs in his face, beautiful smashed there by Audrey Young.

Question Time was irritating. Labour decided to pick on the Speaker Lockwood Smith today.

The feature of today’s Question Time was Trevor Mallard getting chucked out by the Speaker.

Mallard had just finished upbraiding Education Minister Anne Tolley on the wrong spelling of the word “academies” in some literature she had put out.

Funny that. Mallard’s recent post on the Labour MPs’ blog site Red Alert has the following words: denomitated; incoherant; speechs; catelogue; and Brethern!

He should have been chucked out for bad spelling at least, but perhaps hypocrisy.

Mallard of course still hasn’t apologised for his scurrilous attacks on melissa lee, in fact he has compounded the attacks on Labour’s MP blog.

Melissa Lee exonerated

NZ on Air have released the full report into their investigation that Melissa Lee inappropriate misued funds and have completely without reservation exonerated her.

I would expect now that a full apology be issued on TV3 by Duncan Garner for his scurrilous, factually wrong and orchestrated attack on Lee over this. Further I would expect that Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard to apologise as well for their disgusting involvment in this episode as well.

DPF covers the mendacity of both Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard. This is once again one of Trevor’s bullshit attacks without a shred of evidence, it is Labour’s dirty tricks, yet again exposed as a pack of lies.

Interestingly I see Labour want the focus off Lee for Mt Albert. That will be because their expensive and constant polling conducted by multi-national pollster and research company UMR is showing that their parachute candidate is virtually unknown with just three weeks to go and that Melissa Lee is experiencing a solid bounce in support largely out of sympathy.

Note that the leftwing blogs have gone all quiet in their attacks on Lee. Once again teh vaunted co-ordinated attacks trategy of denigrationa nd ridicule has backfired. Labour are certainly very slow learners.

Now after this clearing of lee I would hope that Duncan Garner would focus his nihilist behaviour onto David “Blackwater” Shearer.

What is becoming very clear though is that Russel Norman is emerging as the clean candidate for this by-election, so far untainted by scandal.

Mt Albert Watch – Labour Struggling

The Labour Party is struggling in Mt Albert. There loyal members cultivated over the years by having the Prime Minister as their MP have abandoned them.

At their campaign rally today they had just 40 people in attendance and over half of them were MP’s.

Now we know why they had to abandon their filibuster after Trevor Mallard told us all they could go on for weeks. They all had to rush to Auckland on the taxpayers ticket to make up the numbers at the campaign rally for their soldier of fortune candidate David “Blackwater” Shearer.

One thing is certain though. Trevor Mallard through his bully boy misogyny has ensured that every one knows the name of Melissa Lee and no one knows who their parachute candidate is.